About us

Hey hey! We're Hannah and Tisse, the faces behind Rad Earth Supply Co. 

We're sisters with a heavy dose of friendship and a touch of endearing codependency. We were born and raised in Michigan and we call glittering lakes and sleepy dirt roads 'home'. We have four kids between the two of us and we're both severely outnumbered by the animals we share our homes with. We're adventurers. We're homebodies. We're big dreamers and lazy procrastinators and have the inability to do something we don't feel passionate about...(so sometimes we sell stuff here, and sometimes we don't ;)

Things have changed so much from when we first started Rad Earth as an etsy shop, printing shirts in Tisse's laundry room. A few things have remained constant though... 1) you guys are the best and we're so thankful for your never ending support of our little corner of the internet. 2) we love to create! If you see it for sale here, know that we had way too much fun dreaming it up, designing and photographing it for you. 3) our wish from day one has always been that you'll feel comfy and rad as hell in anything that you find here. :)

Go forth and do rad stuff.

xo- Hannah & Tisse